The “Whey” of the Future | Why I Switched From Whey To Plant Protein

I know for a fact many of you have had similar experiences and hopefully, it will convince others to make the switch as well!

Story time…

Why I switched from a whey protein to plant protein.…plant protein vs whey protein

When I was in my teens and into my early twenties, I was consuming whey protein powder after my workouts and throughout the day, as were my peers.

We all bought into the media hype that whey protein was the “best” protein to take, and was NECESSARY in order to build muscle…..


But after doing more research, I at least came to the conclusion early on that whey protein or any supplement for that matter was NOT 100% necessary…

…it was just used to supplement your diet…where it is still BEST to get as much of your calories from WHOLE FOODS (no, not the store)

But, of course, I still continued to go through tubs of whey protein powder quite frequently.

After years (yes, years) of consuming whey protplant protein benefitsein, I noticed that on occasion I wouldn’t feel too well after drinking it, and it only got WORSE. I felt TERRIBLE!

  • ~ I would feel very drained
  • ~ Tired
  • ~ Lethargic
  • ~ Extremely bloated
  • ~ Constipated
  • ~ Horrible Stomach Pains

…the list goes on…

…and it only continued to get worse and WORSE

To the point where anytime I drank ANY whey protein shake (even the “highest” quality) I would get horrible stomach cramps and become extremely bloated!

So, that was that…I wasn’t able to drink whey protein shakes anymore…I needed to find an alternative

At the time, I was INCREDIBLY bummed! Because I knew the only alternative for me to try at the time was plant protein (it’s hilariovegan protein, vegan supplements, vegan bodybuildingus to think that now)

I thought I would lose all my gains!

All I could think about was how bad it was going to taste and how inferior it was to whey protein (yeah, that media hype over whey protein REALLY had me going for a while)

But the FIRST time I took a plant protein supplement I felt GREAT! I was elated because not only did the bloating vanish…

…I had more ‘clean’ energy, fantastic digestion, and even then I knew it was a healthier alternative to whey protein…I was just still worried that it would not be as “good” (whatever that meant in my naive mind)

After supplementing with various plant protein powders and other vegan supplements with great results, I began to do more research into the benefits of a plant-based diet…

(…Mind you I was STILL consuming meat and dairy on a DAILY basis…)

So long story short, at the time of writing this, I’ve been vegan for 2.5 years now and going strong.!!

So…that’s a brief synopsis of how I went vegan, but so what, right??!!

Well, the point of my story is to also point out the fact that in my line of work I hear a growing number of individuals tell me that certain whey protein powders have been giving them the same symptoms I experienced!

…and with my previous experience, I attempt to turn them on to trying a plant based protein powder and other various vegan supplements.

…and from those I hear back from, 99.99% of the time taking a plant based protein instead of a whey protein left them feeling GREAT and void of ANY digestive issues they had previously experienced.

So, if anyone reading this, vegan or not, is experiencing similar issues with whey protein, I urge you to try out a plant-based, vegan protein supplement and see if it works for you!

Click here to see my page of my where I have listed some of my favorite vegan protein powders with a description of each.

I’m not going to lie, some don’t taste that great, and that’s expected, as none of them contains artificial sweeteners, flavors, etc.

But the health benefits of plant protein COMPLETELY outweigh the negatives.

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