What Greens Powder Do I Drink EVERY Morning?

There is a certain greens powder I have taken EVERY morning for the past few years that gives me a fantastic boost of clean energy that energizes my body and mind…

Amazing Grass: Lemon Lime Energizer Amazing Grass Energy Blend

==> Aside from the beneficial nutrient content of the greens, one serving contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee

==> It’s also a perfect midday energizer and much more beneficial than the obvious alternatives

==> And the icing on the cake (vegan cake, of course)…this is one of the best-tasting greens powders I have ever tried!

I personally feel the BEST thing to do upon waking is to HYDRATE and supply your body with some HIGH QUALITY nutrients.

If you have the time and money to blend up a bunch of organic fruits and vegetables every morning, GREAT!

…But, if you are looking for something very light and quick to drink in the morning, supplements like these work incredibly well!

When you alkalize your body with something like this first thing in the morning, it can really jump start your day and aids in the dreaded “waking up” process, that many of us experience.

…And honestly, even if you REALLY want that cup of coffee afterwards, at least you will have already consumed some healthy greens and provided your body with many micronutrients most people NEVER get in their diet.

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