Yes, vegan bars are VERY affordable and in general MUCH healthier than your basic whey protein bar…

Well, Oreo’s and things of that nature are technically vegan as well…and definitely not healthy…but you catch my drift, right?

On my¬†YouTube channel, I started a new segment called “Vegan Car Rides” because:

1. It sounds funny


2. It’s an easy way to get some quick content out to you all!

Through this series, I will be sharing with you quick and affordable vegan snacks, bars, etc, that I really enjoy and find to be the best out on the market today!

Now, I will ALWAYS advocate for as much whole food consumption as possible, but sometimes we are unprepared, or simply do not have enough time to meal prep (like myself most of the time)

In the following videos, I will give a quick rundown of my favorite vegan bars when I’m on the go…

Check these reviews out and try a box for yourself!



Check out the reviews and try some for yourself!

D’s Naturals No Cow Bar