EXPLAINED: Common Ingredients in Your “Greens Supplement”

If you have taken a “greens supplement” before, chances are you have noticed many of the vegan muscle, vegan proteinfollowing benefits:

  • ~ Increased energy
  • ~ Stronger immunity
  • ~ Better focus
  • ~ Increased feeling of well being
  • …the list goes on

Here I will inform you about a few of the most common ingredients in some of the most popular greens supplements available today…

…Although, many supplements have very large “proprietary blends,” certain ingredients could really just be in VERY trivial amounts. For example, a “proprietary blend” of 5 grams… containing 12 ingredients…Yeah, not very sufficient…

I feel that the products I recommend and review here on VeganPowerPowders.com have adequate doses of ingredients, and are of the highest quality in the growing market of these supplements.

While most of us, including myself, do not get an adequate amount of various vegetables/greens in our diet, these greens powders can help make up even more so for that.

…Think of consuming these as the equivalent of getting a ton of dark leafy greens in your diet on a daily basis…

From my own research and personal experience, I find foods like these to be VERY beneficial in a myriad of ways…

  • ~ Increased energy level
  • ~ Improved metabolism
  • ~ Improved digestion
  • ~ Improved immune health
  • ~ Improved skin

**The following is by no means an exhaustive list of the benefits of these supplements, but a brief overview these benefits**

**I have provided links below and I strongly encourage you all to search further to discover even more detailed information on these**

**the following foods can be purchased separately as well to ensure you are getting adequate amounts…And in some cases, I even take a serving or two of these separately in addition to whatever greens powders I may consume that day…**


  • ~ Blue-green algae high in many nutrients such as various B vitamins, copper, magnesium, iron, etc,
  • ~ Incredibly high in protein approximately 60% (for example, 7 grams of spirulina contains 4 grams protein)
  • ~ Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • ~ Certain studies show potential anti-cancer properties
  • ~ Muscle recovery and improved muscle endurance during activity
  • ~ Aids in heavy metal detoxification and whole body detoxification
  • ~ Full dose of 3 grams/day is recommended. (which is MUCH higher than most greens supplements on the market today.)


  • ~ Very similar to spirulina
  • ~ Approximately 60% protein by weight
  • ~ High concentrations of chlorophyll
  • ~ High nutrient content of various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, B12 and other B vitamins, iodine, vitamin A, etc
  • ~ Potential anticancer properties and currently used in certain cancer treatments
  • ~ Used in treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • ~ Helps increase the “good bacteria” in the gut which in turn aids in digestion, immune improvement, etc

Wheat Grass

  • ~ Contains various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, etc
  • ~ Wheatgrass juice contains approximately 70% chlorophyll
  • ~ Can speed up wound healing because it’s high iron content which increases red blood cell count
  • ~ 20% of its calories are from protein
  • ~ Helps digest and rid the body of toxins, environmental pollutants, etc
  • ~ Natural detoxifier of the body, especially the liver and blood

**while wheat grass is most beneficial when consumed in its fresh juiced form, the powder is also quite beneficial and far more convenient for most**

As you can see, these all have many similar nutrient make-ups and benefits, and the bullet points I listed here are quite general and in no way an exhaustive list of the array of benefits of supplementing with each of these…

Below I have listed several resources that go more in depth on the benefits:




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